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The hoverboard has become the newest trend that you can opt for. There are many young adults, adults and even kids, who have an immense attraction for hoverboards. Why won’t it be? Hoverboards are such cool gadgets that everyone wants to possess. The sheer fun it gives you can’t be replaced by any other thing or activity.

But whatever it may be, the safety concern surrounding the hoverboards are still there. After several news of hoverboards catching fire and the batteries getting dried up sooner after charging- people are looking for trustworthy manufacturer of hoverboards. The perfect brand for hoverboard or the ideal model of hoverboard must be safe from catching fire, prevented from overheating, certified to follow all other safety guides and last but not the least must be pocket-friendly.


Hoverboard Manufacturer
Hoverboard Manufacturer

Here we have come up with the best brands of Hoverboards, who manufacture hoverboards while following all the safety standard and have options for all age groups. The brand names are not mentioned following any particular order criteria, and we recommend purchasing any hoverboard from the list. 

  • SEGWAY: Segway is a long-trusted name in the list of best hoverboards manufactured in the USA of all time. Segway is also among the names who introduced the concept of a personal transport device or hoverboard in the market. 

The brand provides UL 2272 certification to all its products, which means that those products are safe from any fire hazard. Thus, it will not surprise you that Segway is known to be one of the finest manufacturers of best hoverboards in the market. 

The best product that this brand has to offer is the miniPRO, and the track record of this product says that this is one of the highest reviewed hoverboard models on Amazon. Though the brand focuses on making high-end American hoverboard and they target business professionals to be their targeted buyer, but it is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to buy a personal transporter for themselves. 

If you want to buy a hoverboard for moving around or to do tricks with- we highly recommend this brand to you.

  • RAZOR HOVERTRAX: Razor is the brand which started manufacturing regular scooters since the time it was launched. Afterward, the brand began making hoverboards and started placing them to compete with other hoverboard brands. The first-ever hoverboard model designed by Razor was Hovertrax 1.0, which has been recently upgraded to Hovertrax 2.0.
Best Hoverboard with Samsung battery and Bluetooth you can buy
Best Hoverboard with Samsung battery and Bluetooth

Both the models of this brand satisfy all the safety requirements and have positive reviews on Amazon. The best feature of this hoverboards by Razor is that, the battery life that these have to offer. The battery of both models is appropriate for longer rides. You don’t need to stop more frequently to recharge the batteries. 

Thus, all you can expect from this hoverboard marker is an uninterrupted ride and nothing else. 

These models come in a lower price range than miniPRO and is an excellent option for teenagers and college students who are looking for adventurous rides. 

  • EPIKGO HOVERBOARD: if you want to take the level of your hoverboard riding adventure a little more extreme, you can consider this brand to be the best fit for you. EPIKGO has been a more prominent name among self-balancing scooter manufacturers who make off-road hoverboards. The company has four different models to offer to its buyers. Among them, two are appropriate for off-road riding, and the rest two are for sports performance doing tricks and side walking on the streets. 
Hoverboard Manufacturer
Hoverboard Manufacturer

The tires of all the hoverboard models of this brand are appropriate to run on all terrain, which set them different from other hoverboard brands. The balance of the hoverboard allows the riders to tackle sand, grass, gravel and any other road condition without any hassle. 

EPIKGO even have hoverboard models with or without Bluetooth speakers. Thus, you can choose either to spend some extra bucks, or you want to save it. With the upgrade in the brands, you get upgraded features and a higher degree of slope and even longer riding the range. 

EPIKGO comes with high-quality hoverboards with a higher price tag, which can be a little not-digestible for casual riders. But if you want to have a quality product that can handle extreme riding conditions, then you must not consider the price of this brand. With EPIKGO your every penny is counted to be worthy. 

  • SWAGTRON HOVERBOARDS: Swagtron was a more prominent name in the list of top-notch manufacturers of hoverboards in the market until the new safety standard bumped in 2015. The brand was the first one to return all its existing product for upgradation according to the safety standard. Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that this hoverboard brand has placed itself to be one of the best hoverboard manufacturers of all time. 
Hoverboard Manufacturer
Hoverboard Manufacturer

Since then the brand has become a trustworthy one for making electric transporters, electric bikes, skateboards, and scooters. 

The hoverboards manufactured by this brand have improved along with time. The brand currently has 4 models to offer to its buyers in the different price range. The range of features the hoverboards have, make them really suitable for any kind of riders. Swagtron T5 is the entry-level model by the brand which has an affordable price and the features which are appropriate for teens, students and precisely for the first time hoverboard riders. 

If you are looking for a rugged model of the hoverboard, then you can prefer buying Swagtron T6, which is designed as an off-road version. The tires of the model are compatible with any type of terrain and are available in a comparatively lower price than EPIKGO. Even though you don’t need any robust hoverboard, the models of Swagtron is appropriate for personal transportation.

  • MEGA WHEEL: Mega wheel is a hoverboard manufacturer brand who make hoverboard that are kids friendly in the market. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that, Mega wheel has targeted the young generation to be its perfect audience. If you are a parent, you must be aware of the fact that all the hoverboards under this brand have been made following all the safety standards. 

Just like Swagtron, Mega Wheel to has passed all the safety certification required. All the hoverboards are made using high-grade materials, which are waterproof and fireproof. The extra-wide pedals of all the hoverboards under this brand, make it easier for kid riders to get on and off quickly. 

The dual motor installation in each of its hoverboards makes them suitable to run in all terrain. 

The only thing that you need to keep in mind about this hoverboard is that it is not made with the lightweight formula. Thus, it will still require adult supervision while your kids are riding any of the hoverboards by Mega Wheel.

  • TOMOLOO HOVERBOARDS: Keeping everything fun and funky is the motto behind the products made by this brand. Excellent vibrant colors to the LED light show, the hoverboard brand has manufactured varied products of varied range targeting a different kind of users and riders. 
Hoverboard Manufacturer
Hoverboard Manufacturer

With or without Bluetooth speakers you can choose any model from the varied range of two-wheel scooters made by this brand. Being founded in 2013, Tomoloo is one of the first hoverboard manufacturing brands to pass the UL 2272 certification. The production scale of this brand is considered to be at the forefront of the industry. Tomoloo is a brand which has a higher number of design and utility patents. 

All the Tomoloo products advocate safety and fashion together. It has been positioned to be one of the best and trustworthy hoverboard brand on Amazon for providing quality materials.

  • GOTRAX HOVERBOARDS: All the Gotrax hoverboards are made following all the safety standards. Every model under this brand is tested and certified to UL 2272. The top concern of this hoverboard manufacturer brand is to manufacture the safest and higher quality hoverboards. 

Gotrax provides its hoverboards in most vibrant colors and stylish designs. The brand allows its customers to choose unique colors that match their personality and style.

Gotrax has different mixes of Bluetooth capabilities. The product range of this brand according to the features you choose to be there in your hoverboard. The tires of this brand are compatible to run on all terrains. 

Gotrax has a variety of hoverboard models for kids and adults. Being made with high-quality material, the Gotrax hoverboards are appropriate to carry more significant weight than any other hoverboard brand. 

The customer service of this brand needs another attention. Every product that you choose to buy from Gotrax comes with 90 days limited warranty and a 30 days return policy. Gotrax has excellent and positive reviews on Amazon from its satisfied customers, and thus, we recommend this brand to you too.

TAKEAWAY: We can’t categorize these hoverboards manufacturers according to their features or any other factor. These brands are the best-reviewed hoverboard brands on Amazon, and you can buy them too. All these brands are focused on making high quality and stylish hoverboards following all the safety standards to bag the UL 2272 certification. 

Every brand has more than just one model of hoverboard to offer, and you can buy any of the models as per your requirements, provided features and your budget. 

Though there are a lot of unknown hoverboard manufacturers in the market that sells hoverboards at lower price and quality. This article was meant to provide you with the list of best hoverboard brands only who use high-quality materials and guarantee to provide you with sturdy and durable hoverboards. Be cautious with your choice and have a happy buying.


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