Where Can You Legally Ride Hoverboards?

We know how you must be feeling and how hard it is for you to cope with the restrictions regarding the riding of a hoverboard. With the declaration of Hoverboard being illegal in the USA, your mind must be searching for a safer place to ride your favorite device without any legal interferences.

Though the use of the self-balancing scooter has been debarred in public places, you can still ride your scooter in your own zone. You yet might have another question regarding the specific areas where can you ride your hoverboards. Well, we have answers.

Can You Ride A Hoverboard In The Mall?

Where Can You Ride Hoverboards

Along with being the hot tech toy to soaring in popularity since the last few years, this self-balancing scooter has been to everywhere. This device even has been associated with fire-catching incidents while charging.

For other good or bad reasons an after getting banned in the USA, this device is now under several restrictions while using it. You can’t take your device everywhere. The riding of Hoverboard has also been banned in public places.

As a result university, sports teams, airlines, and even the dealers have banned the device in their premises. Most of the retailers have denied being involved in the import of the equipment while other postal services have denied distributing Hoverboard.

It is because as per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission hoverboard are entirely unsafe. They even have asked for some safety standards for the device. Being made of low-quality lithium battery, the device is said to damage the safety standard of the mall. Thus the mall authorities don’t allow to ride the device in their area.

Can You Ride A Hoverboard In Walmart?

The Hoverboard is going mainstream in the USA. Where there is news of a celebrity getting arrested after riding the Hoverboard at the airport, the others are blowing the internet with their Hoverboard riding videos on Instagram.

Among all these messes of getting banned, legal interference and other rumors about the device, there is news you might be waiting since long. According to a report by Sapna Maheshwari on Buzz feed, Walmart has decided to join the hoverboard craze among people.

So is that an indication that you can ride Hoverboard in Walmart? The spokesperson of Walmart has announced that now you can buy your favorite so-called Hoverboard from Walmart. The device will be called the hands-free Segway.

Do Hoverboards Work On Carpet?

Where Can You Ride Hoverboards
are hoverboards safe to ride

Hoverboards are generally purchased during the holiday season. Where there is snow on the ground. But with every piece of this first device, there is a question about, where can you ride the Hoverboard and where you can’t.

Many first-timers have their questions like, can I ride my Hoverboard on carpet?

Well yes, you can but…

No, there is no ban in riding your Hoverboard on carpets. But there are few factors which can decide whether you can ride your Hoverboard on carpets.

Quality Of Hoverboards:

First, you need to check the quality of your Hoverboard. Poorly made and low-quality hoverboard will not work smoothly on the carpet. Hoverboards with premium grade of tires and with a good grip will work on carpet.

Hoverboards that don’t have good tire grip may skid, and thus you ca face accidents. Hoverboard tires made of excellent rubber creates good friction between the tire and the carpet. Therefore check the quality of your Hoverboard and its body parts before buying one.

Quality Of Carpet:

Not only the Hoverboard but the quality of your carpet is equally essential to have a smooth ride. There are basically two types of tires: high pile and low pile. In most of the houses, hotels, and offices, they use low pile carpets. Low pile carpets have tight fibers, and thus it provides more friction.

Whereas high pile carpets have loose fibers and only a few and top branded hoverboards can work right on those.

Remember that riding hoverboards on the carpet can damage the carpet. Thus you must be sure about the stress-test before starting your ride.

So now when you can’t ride your Hoverboard everywhere, but be sure that you have a safe ride wherever you are allowed to ride it.


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