Hoverboards are the coolest device exist in the world. You must show it off to the world with pride if you own one. But displaying a hoverboard without learning some tricks, is as dull as watching a silent movie isn’t it? But how to master the trending skills with the hoverboard when you are just a novice?


Well, it is not rocket science to own and learn some more refreshing tricks to show-off your self-balancing scooter to the world. It takes not more than 30 minutes for a kid to learn some hoverboard tricks.


You can’t miss having the fun of trying some cool hoverboard tricks. I don’t know what the professional riders can do, or they actually do with their hoverboards. But this tutoring article can be more than just beneficial for those who are going to try some tricks for the first time in their entire life or are intermediate riders of the hoverboard.

For the Beginners-

For the ones who have just started to ride the cool hoverboard thing, these tricks can bring them immense fun and appropriate for any hoverboard challenge. These tricks are the basic ones and have the least probability of getting any injury. But one must be sure of having the minimum balance before trying any of the tricks. Don’t go for longer trick showing until you ate sure you can keep up the balance.


We know that since when you have owned the hoverboard, you are dying to try all the cooler moves you have seen in the movies, or say in YouTube tutorials. But the first and the most important note you must keep in mind since the climax is to keep up your balance while performing any of the tricks.

Stork is quite a simple and cool hoverboard trick that can be tried by kids and adults. Once the rider is confident enough with the balance, spinning and accelerating the board, this trick can be tried. Well, don’t try to go for multiple spins in the first go. You need to take some baby steps if you are just introduced to any of the hoverboard tricks, you are going to learn from this article.

Well for learning the stork-like a pro, take one foot off the board and try to balance your body with the other. Try to behold the position for ten seconds or so. Next, try to spin your hoverboard a little bit. If you want to place both your foot in one side of the hoverboard, you can balance in a fixed place. You might take some level of concentration in this part, but don’t forget to relax while doing so.

You don’t need to panic but have fun with the circle hoverboard trick. Just be sure to keep the entire weight of your body on the bumper.


How about a magic carpet ride with your cool hoverboard? Oh, you might have been dreaming for this since long. It is time to bring your dream to reality. By learning this cool hoverboard trick, you can woo your friends with the Aladdin’s hot whip trick.

For this trick to try at home, you need to have a larger room size. For better result and stress-free ride, you can choose your backyard to be the place. Now bring your hoverboard in front of you. The next thing you need to do is to pop your shins on the top of the hoverboard footpads. Don’t forget to keep your feet behind you and of course on the ground.

Your feet and shins must be used as the anchor. You must practice this hoverboard trick quite for some multiple times while balancing on your knees. Don’t lift your feet until you feel balanced and comfortable. This trick will give you the feeling that you are floating around on the ground. For the intermediates, this trick can be tried even while sitting in a Crisscross position.

For the intermediates-

Now when you have practiced some basic tricks, it is the time to try something more professional and challenging. The below-mentioned tricks are not very tough and can be tried at home without giving them several thoughts. Tighten your shoelaces and let’s try something more daring.


For trying this cool hoverboard trick, you need to sit on your hoverboard while balancing the sides of the hoverboard with the opposite toes. You need to keep your knees adjusting upwards while seated on the hoverboard. If you have tried yoga at any point in your life, you must be aware of the butterfly pose. But if you haven’t, then don’t worry.

In this position, your knees must be left lime the wings of the butterfly- loose and relaxed. Now try to glide your hoverboard back and forth. To do so, you need to press the footpad of your hoverboard with your heels. Now what to do when you want to get off this position?

Well, that is simple too. For doing so, you need to plant your hands behind your body and lift your feet and bottom altogether, to avoid any accident due to spinning or speeding up of your hoverboard.


This hoverboard handstand trick is going to be borrowed from the BOT BROZ. We know that since you have watched a lot many videos over the internet, you were waiting breathlessly to try out the trick. Firstly, you need to keep your body and feet relaxed. Now stand on one footpad and squat down. Now hold the other side of the hoverboard bumper with another hand.

Now you need to lift the leg of the side you are holding the bumper and place it on the air behind you. (For example, if you are balancing on your right leg then you need to keep the bumper of your left side and also need to lift the left leg behind you). Make sure that the leg upon which you are balancing your body is in a relaxed position.

Once you are confident enough with the balance of this circle hoverboard trick and your body, move forward and backward or spin along with your hoverboard.


For the semi-professional riders:

No, we are not saying that the professionals don’t need to try these tricks or these tricks are not for the professional riders. But these tricks are pretty simple as compared to what more can be done with your hoverboard when you are a pro rider.

Now when you have, mastered all the elements to balance the hoverboard, here are some more easy hoverboard tricks you can try to get that professional rider feeling.


Please don’t try this trick if you are among the faint-hearted ones. Because for trying this cool hoverboard trick, you not only need to have the perfect balance of your hoverboard but also you need to balance the timing to ignore any chances of falling from your hoverboard. To have the grip of this trick, you need to practice it for many times. Choose a secure setting for trying this trick. Your home can be the best option for the same.

Now to start with the hoverboard trick, you need to stand on both the footpads of your hoverboard and keep your body relaxed. Next, you need to bend your knees a little and take a jump while twisting your hoverboard at the same time. Your board will spin in a 180-degree turn, and the perfect timing of your hike will help you to place your feet again on the footpads without falling down.


If you can get the balance on this cool hoverboard trick, then we must say that you have become the professional. This is another hoverboard trick where you need to have more mastery than just the balance. Like the 180-degree trick, you need to practice this trick on a plain and safe surface. For this trick, too, your home or your friend’s house is more reliable.

To start with trying this trick, you first need to glide forward quickly. You also need to roll your hoverboard with one leg and let the footpad side come on the top to jump. Don’t jump before the footpads are coming upward.

This easy hoverboard trick needs immense practice before you get a grip on it. The saddest part about this hoverboard trick is that you hoverboard might get several scratches in it.


TAKEAWAY: Practice makes a man perfect, and the saying satisfies its value in trying and mastering the cool hoverboard tricks that you have learned today. Try to be safe while trying those tricks and don’t go for a longer ride while performing these tricks until you are confident about your balance. A right balance also helps you to have uninterrupted enjoyment. There are more tricks you can invent while doing two or more tricks together. Be sure that you try all of them, and no one else gets hurt or injured while doing so.


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