What Is The Hoverboard Age Limit?

Hoverboards have captured the interest of millions of children and adults due to their sleek appearance and cutting-edge technology. The internet has played a significant influence in increasing its appeal among all demographics.

At first sight, this may represent something very futuristic as we perceive it out of ‘Back to the Future’ or a technologically enhanced take on a skateboard.

But there is much more to it, and it isn’t all sweet. According to the majority of manufacturers, the hoverboard minimum age guideline for riding hoverboards begins at the age of 8.

While a few companies do not advocate hoverboards for children under the age of 5. However, in my personal experience, my first hoverboard age limit was 12.

Is There a Recommended Hoverboard Type for Each Age Group?

You may have heard about hoverboards catching fire and children being harmed after falling off them. So, the crucial question that stands is, can all kids, regardless of their age and weight, utilise them?

This question, as well as others, will be addressed. See below are some of the hoverboard recommendations for each type of group considering hoverboard age limits:

  • Young Kids

When selecting a hoverboard for a young child, keep the size in mind. Keep in mind that hoverboards are for adults and larger in size than hoverboards made for kids these days.

However, keep in mind that as your child will grow with time it will become a challenge to manage small hoverboards and on the other hand larger hoverboards as well. So don’t choose one that is too small or too huge for them. 

  • Older Kids

Swagtron self-balancing hoverboards are ideal for beginners. Self-balancing electric hoverboards are another wonderful alternative due to their longevity and ease of use. Another significant issue to consider is hoverboards with rubber tyres.

It is critical for children to select a hoverboard with tyres that will not wear out while also providing a smooth ride. Rubber tyres also endure far longer than plastic tyres. When shopping for the best hoverboards for kids, seek models with larger rubber tyres. Rather than those found on adult hoverboards.

  • Teenagers

With its stable ride and good self-balancing, as well as Bluetooth sync functionality and LED lights, music-rhythmed hoverboards are fantastic fun for teens. Second, keep your child within your sight while he or she is on the board to avoid injuries and bruising.

Finally, limit your child’s speed to around 10 MPH because accidents are more likely when they have less control. You can protect yourself from the rough throws against the coarse aggregate paver if you use it at a modest speed.

  • Adults

Adult hoverboard aficionados will love smart self-balancing transporters. They also provide more stability because you steer with your knees as well as your feet. However, you must weigh at least 45 pounds to ride a hoverboard, and they normally have a weight limit of roughly 300 pounds that should not be surpassed.

It’s not that someone weighing less than 45 pounds couldn’t climb on; the problem is that the board’s pressure-sensitive pads wouldn’t register the person’s weight correctly. As a result, maintaining the right balance will be a challenge, increasing the likelihood of injury.

  • Seniors

Although there is no hard and fast rule governing the maximum age for riding hoverboards, elders may find it challenging to use a hoverboard. Hoverboards require stability and quick reaction time to ride safely. It may also be difficult for them to manoeuvre a hoverboard in a crowded location.

However, seniors require the use of a hoverboard to travel on time. In fact, hoverboards can be a huge aid for them when it comes to getting around and even getting inside their homes.

Is There an Actual Age Law Related to Hoverboards?

hoverboard age limit

As with any personal mobility gadget, some towns, states, countries, airlines, airports, malls, and universities will always pass and enforce laws and rules regulating and prohibiting hoverboards.

They’ve obviously never ridden one, or they’d be less strict about what they enforce to keep the rest of us ardent riders from riding.

As one of them, I’ve discovered that all you need to do is become used to riding and utilise common sense. There is no rule or age limit for hoverboards, however, children under the age of eight should not ride them.

With that, we must also mention that a new CA law was implemented in early 2016, requiring a higher age limit, safety equipment, and a speed limit.

To ride a hoverboard in public places, you must be 16 years old or greater, according to the law. As a result, this is the legal hoverboard age. Another thing is that all persons must wear a helmet, and can only ride it on roadways with a speed restriction of 35 MPH.

Not only that, but anyone caught breaking the law will be fined $250. It might be more expensive than that shiny hoverboard, so be careful!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can a 12-year-old use a hoverboard?
Ans: Hoverboards can be safe for 12-year-olds, but they must be used with caution and all relevant safety precautions.

Children should always be under the eye of an adult, wear appropriate safety equipment, and use the hoverboard in a secure environment where the chances of accidents are unlikely.

Q2. What age is my first hoverboard for?
Ans: My First Hoverboard brings the score even. It provides children aged 5 to 8 a taste of the enthusiasm that older children feel. My first hoverboard is as safe as it is exciting, with a reduced wheelbase, non-slip foot pads, 6.3-inch tyres, and a top speed of up to 5 mph.

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