Best Hoverboard Tips For 6 or 7 Year Old Kids

As we all have kids at our home and we know that searching an ideal surprise gift for your 6-year-old kid is not an easy task. Even so, some gifts, such as a hoverboard, are usually a hit. These are a cross between a scooter and a skateboard that are appropriate for both younger and older youngsters.

Finding the best hoverboards for 6 year old, on the other hand, might be difficult – there are many possibilities as the options available is the market are diverse. We’ve limited the field to our top options to make your search for the perfect hoverboard easier.

Hoverboards are still popular. However, parents are frequently concerned about the safety of this scooter/skateboard combination. There have been stories of hoverboards catching fire and accidents occurring, which may make some parents wary of purchasing one.

Tips For Buying A Hoverboard For 6 or 7 Year-Old Kid

Best Hoverboards For 6-Year-Old

With hundreds of kids hoverboards on the market, we couldn’t possibly test them all. The hoverboards listed below are merely those we’ve tested and can personally recommend. Before you begin, consider the following simple tips to buy best hoverboards for 6 year old.

1. Type of Battery:

Lithium-Ion vs. LiFePO4 – there are two options and people often stumble upon the fact which one is better? While there are many measures you can take to avoid hazardous circumstances with all hoverboards (see our battery section below),

a hoverboard with a LiFePO4 battery is your best chance for the least amount of risk in terms of battery design. Swagtron is the only hoverboard business that now offers this type of battery.

2. Structure:

The frame should be strong enough to carry the rider’s weight, and the wheels should be smooth. Electric motors must be sufficiently powerful to achieve the given speed. The control unit’s objective is to detect the rider’s body motions and direct and balance the vehicle.

The motors and control board are powered by the battery. The plastic cover, in turn, preserves the delicate parts within and maintains the overboard’s attractive appearance.

3. All-Terrain:

You should not ride a hoverboard on rocky terrain. Larger ‘all-terrain’ tyres are wonderful for getting over little bumps in the pavement or over small pebbles, but don’t expect to ride them on dirt trails where genuine challenges would be impossible to overcome on a hoverboard.

4. Mode:

A training/learning mode would be a helpful feature for first-time hoverboard users; many hoverboards already include this mode, but not all. It’s not absolutely necessary because modern boards are rather easy to balance due to “self-balancing” technology, but it’s useful for novices.

5. Bluetooth: 

If by any chance you are considering Bluetooth hoverboard you must be in knowledge that most “Bluetooth” hoverboards are just equipped with a speaker that can connect to your phone and play music.

Even though bluetooth speakers are cool, our testers rarely used them. If your favourite hoverboard lacks Bluetooth, your children are unlikely to notice. However, expensive hoverboards might use bluetooth with an app that connects to the board and allows you or legal gaurdian to control some functionalities.

My Top Picks: Hoverboard For 6-Year-Old

The hoverboards listed below are appropriate for younger children but can also be used by older children and even adults!

Best Hoverboards For 6-Year-Old

1. Swagtron T580 :

The Swagtron T580 is our top pick since it is a well-known company with a track record of manufacturing safe, long-lasting electric scooters and hoverboards. The Swagtron also has Smart Battery Management and Sentryshield Technology to keep you safe from fires and overheating. Just the kind of security you need for small children!

2. SRX Mini Hoverboard:

This micro hoverboard may be precisely what you’re searching for if you’re looking for a smaller choice. It’s intended for small riders, so it only goes up to 6 mph and has an adjustable speed setting. The accompanying LED lights also make evening journeys safer. It is lightweight and portable, runs quietly, and provides a comfortable ride.

3. Razor 36 Volt Hovertrax DLX 2.0:

If your primary concern is safety, this Razor model may be the ideal choice for you. It has UL 2272 certification and self-balancing technology, so youngsters may ride without fear of falling off or toppling over.

6 Year Old On A Hoverboard Video

How Much Should A Hoverboard Cost

If you’re looking for a regular 6.5′′ wheel hoverboard, a hoverboard for 6 year old or hoverboard for 7 year old shouldn’t cost more than $79- $400. OR, if you want something a little more upscale with more durability AND adaptability, check out the best off road hoverboards in 2023 – these will have your little one riding through grass, sand and other terrains that the lesser ones won’t.

They’re quite a bit expensive, but they can be worth the extra penny you spend, especially if the whole family wants to ride.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Are hoverboards suitable for 6 year olds ?
Ans. Most hoverboards are intended for children aged 8 and up. Having said that, only you know your child. Riding a hoverboard requires a significant amount of balance and coordination, which does not necessarily develop by a certain age.

Q2. What age is 6.5 inch hoverboard for ?
Ans. For children aged 8 and less, smaller hoverboards with 6.5-inch wheels are preferable. It is more comfortable for children aged 8 and under, letting them to have a more enjoyable trip. It is highly suited for people weighing 20 to 100 kg. The maximum speed of these hoverboards is 12 km/h.


When shopping for a hoverboard, it’s quite overwhelming to see all of the extras and gadgets available. However, it is crucial and at the same time critical to keep safety in mind. A hoverboard, even one designed for children, is a completely mechanical vehicle that poses an elevated risk. Regardless of age, there is no single greatest or safest self-balancing scooter.

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