Why is My Hoverboard Beeping? (Fix All Issues)

The reasons behind the hoverboard’s beeping are uneven grounds, high-speed limit, internal short circuit, jammed wheels and motors, and many others.

The Hoverboard Is Beeping Continuously and It Won’t Stop- Multiple Reasons

So, you are riding on your hoverboard and suddenly you hear a continuous beeping sound from it. Now, there could a number of reasons why your hoverboard could be beeping. Therefore, it is a real challenge to figure out the actual reason for the beeping sound.

1. Hoverboard Beeps on Uneven Surfaces

A hoverboard is made for even grounds or surfaces. You should always ride on the hoverboards on even grounds. So, in case you are riding on it on an uneven surface, the device will start beeping. Actually, this is a warning sound for you. Uneven ground is not perfect for balancing and you are at a higher risk. It will stop beeping when you land on an even ground.

2. Hoverboard Beeps at Higher Speeds

There is a limited speed limit on your hoverboard. In case you cross that speed limit, your hoverboard will start beeping to warn you. When the rider exceeds the speed limit, the safety function of the device will be activated automatically and it is where the beeping sound will come from. You have to slow down at that moment.

3. Hoverboard Beeps and Flashes While Riding

In case the battery of your hoverboard comes at 20% and you are riding on it, it will start the beeping sound. You will then see the red-light flashing. Get off the board and charge it.

4. Water Can Also Cause the Hoverboard Beeping

Make sure that your hoverboard is not wet. Once the battery gets in touch with the water, it can start malfunctioning. So, water can be a reason why your hoverboard is beeping continuously. In this case, you have to repair or replace the battery of the hoverboard.

5. A Faulty Sensor Is Another Reason for the Beeping Sound

If the sensor of the hoverboard is damaged, it can cause a continuous beeping sound. Sensors help the rider board on the device smoothly. They are attached to the motherboard. So, if the beeping sound comes from the sensor, you need to repair it.  

6. Hoverboard Can Beep for Jammed Motor and Wheels

If the motor and wheels of the board are jammed for some reason, it will not function properly. When this happens, the motherboard plays a beeping sound to warn you. It indicates that there is something wrong with the device. You should find it out as soon as possible.

7. Internal Short Circuit Is an Important Cause for Beeping

Many may ignore it, but the short circuit in the internal part of the hoverboard is a big cause for the beeping sound. Due to the short circuit, multiple wires of the hoverboard could be burned. When the hoverboard starts malfunctioning for this, you can hear a beeping sound.

8. You Can Hear Beeping Due to Battery Failure

Hoverboard batteries are made with Lithium-ION. That is why they can’t last for a long time. So, you can hear the beeping sound due to the failure of the battery.

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Can’t Turn Off the Beeping of the Hoverboard- What to Do?

If you see that the hoverboard is beeping and won’t turn off, then, unfortunately, there must be some defects in the motherboard. It seems that the sensor of the hoverboard is damaged severely, or there are internal short circuits in the motherboard.

You can resolve the issue with a repair kit. Or, you can send the hoverboard to the service center. If the device is under warranty, you will get a free service.

You can change the motherboard at home, but for that, you should buy the same motherboard that is connected to the device previously. The motherboard should be compatible with the hoverboard.

If you can fix it, you can buy a new hoverboard. There are many available in the market.

Simple Tricks on How to Stop Your Hoverboard from Beeping

Do you find it really hard to figure out the causes of the beeping sound? Want to know how to stop your hoverboard from beeping?

These simple tricks will help you out, no matter what the reason is.

1. Recalibrate the Hoverboard

Recalibrating the hoverboard is the most common way to resolve the problem.

2. Bring the hoverboard to the even ground and make sure that the foot pedals are at the same level.

  • Now, you have to press the power button of the hoverboard for 10 seconds. You will see the device going off. Also, the LED lights should be flashing.
  • Leave it for sometimes.
  • Now, turn on the device again.
  • Check your device again.

3. Reconnect the Wires

Sometimes reconnecting a loose wire can fix the issue. You just have to find the wire and connect it to the post. Make sure you do this process after you turn off your hoverboard. Remove the parts of the hoverboard carefully.   

Solutions Based on the Number of Red Flashes

  • If the red-light flashes 1 time: Disconnect and then reconnect the motherboard. If not worked, change the motherboard.
  • If the red-light flashes 2-3 times: Replace the hoverboard’s circuit.
  • 4-5 flashes: Change the faulty motor of the hoverboard.
  • 6-8 flashes: Change the battery and the gyroscope.
  • 9 flashes: the issue is with the orientation. You might have enabled the board while it upside down. Flip it from the right side up and it will stop beeping.


1. How do I get my hoverboard to stop beeping?

If your hoverboard is beeping and you do not know how to stop it, then you should try these tricks. Read below.

  • Bring the hoverboard to the even ground and make sure that the foot pedals are at the same level.
  •  Now, you have to press the power button of the hoverboard for 10 seconds. You will see the device going off. Also, the LED lights should be flashing.
  • Leave it for sometimes.
  • Now, turn on the device again.

2. Why is my hoverboard beeping and flashing red light?

The beeping and flashing of the red light of the hoverboard are absolutely normal when the battery of the hoverboard is extremely low. You will see the red light flashing when the battery is less than 5%. In order to fix this, you have to charge the hoverboard fully

3. Why is my hoverboard beeping while charging?

When the hoverboard’s battery is extremely low (less than 5%), it will continue to beep while you are charging it. The beeping sound should stop when the battery comes to a certain percentage. But, if the sound does not stop, you should change the charging case or the surface on which you have kept the hoverboard. However, if it does not fix your issue, you need to reset your hoverboard.

4. Why is my hoverboard beeping and not turning off?

Sometimes you will see that your hoverboard is beeping and you can’t turn it off. In that case, you need to drain the battery power of the hoverboard. It will be automatically turned off when the battery percentage will be zero. That is the only you can turn off your hoverboard.


It is really frustrating when your favorite sports device starts disturbing. But these tricks are helpful enough to resolve your issues. However, in case they do not work out, you can change your hoverboard and bring a new one.

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