Sisigad Hoverboard Review -Best Guide For The Customers

Hoverboards are such tools that do not remain a mere plaything for the kids nowadays. They are now quite trending in the market as a gift for all ages.

Now the question is that which company is best for buying a hoverboard? What I mean to say is you just can’t go to the market and pick a random one, right?

Well, in that case, you can go for Sisigad Hoverboards as a gift to your near and dear ones. These hoverboards are relatively new in the market. But it has gained its popularity as one of the top hoverboards in 2019 and become one of the best-selling self-balancing hoverboards of the year. Another best thing is that it has retained its popularity till now in 2021.

But that is not enough too. You have to know everything about its features before you buy a Sisigad Hoverboard. Here in this article, you will find the best Sisigad Hoverboard reviews which will help you to know the product in detail.

Not only that, today I am going to discuss with you even more. Here, you will also find things like:

  1. Sisigad Hoverboard Manual
  2. Is Sisigad a good hoverboard?
  3. How long does the Sisigad hoverboard last?
  4. Does the Sisigad hoverboard have Bluetooth?

So, no more waiting. Let’s start.

Hover-1 Drive Electric Hoverboard

Do you know the best part? Sisigad hoverboards are now safer and better products made than ever before. So, if you never go for a Sisigad hoverboard before, this could be your chance.


Hover-1 Drive Electric Hoverboard
Hover-1 Drive Electric Hoverboard

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Ever thought of the fact that what makes this particular product stand out from the rest? Well, Sisigad hoverboards are a UL2272 certified product.

Now go through this Sisigad hoverboard review to find out more about the product.

There are several trendy features and specs available in a Sisigad hoverboard. They are:

  1. Its Speed and Range: This product has a top speed of 9 miles per hour and a range of 6 miles. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Yes, 9 miles/hour is quite fast, but you know? It’s really faster than you think.

In fact, after your experience, you might ask your kid to use the slower speed, especially when they ride the hoverboard for the first time.

  1. The Bluetooth and the Unique LED: Sisigad hoverboards are electric hoverboards and they come with Bluetooth. This Bluetooth works very well and you can pair it easily with your mobile phones. But its sound quality is not that good.

In spite of this, your kids might appreciate it for being able to listen to music. Overall, it is a good feature to have.

The colorful LED lights make the model look more attractive.

  1. Its Performance and Power: Sisigad hoverboards are empowered with dual 300-watt motors. Do you know what that means? Well, that means this product is more than capable of being met its speed requirements and it is maxed to carry the weight of 260 lbs.

Always remember that hoverboards are not meant for the hills or the rough ground. Sisigad hoverboards, too, are not any exception. But as long as you remain on suitable ground, you will definitely get a great, smooth and comfortable ride from this product.

  1. The Safety Measures: This model is well designed with a long-lasting build, and 6.5” wheels with high-quality rubber tires and comfortable foot pedals. Thus it can withstand the rough and tumble of family usage.

These particular hoverboards are UL2272 certified which means that this product is been passed and through stringent battery safety testing. Thus the battery won’t overcharge or easily caught with fire.

Do make sure that you use it according to the manual guide, like all other electrical products. It is not waterproof and it should not get any exposure to water.

  1. The Self-balancing Control System: The self-balancing control system of Sisigad hoverboards allows the kids to learn the ride easily.

The Price

Apart from its modern and trendy features, the price of the Sisigad hoverboards is obviously a big plus point which makes it one of the best-selling products of the year.

If you would plan to go for a Sisigad hoverboard just a few years ago, it would have cost $300-$400. But now it comes around half of the price with many more new features in it.

Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter
Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing

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Sisigad Hoverboard Manual- User-friendly Manual for the Beginners

Sisigad hoverboards come with a manual guide, which is quite user-friendly to beginners. It is written in a simple and easy language so that anyone can understand how to ride the hoverboards.

Here are the steps to ride the hoverboard for you.

Step 1: Get the setup done

So now that your Sisigad hoverboard arrives, the first thing you need to do is to charge it fully. You should always get started after you have charged the batteries fully.

Now, you should be careful that you keep the hoverboard on flat ground. Do not forget to turn on the power. You can turn the power on by pressing and holding the power button. You will hear a beeping sound and also see that the middle console light will turn blue.

The LED lights should face forward and turned on when you are about to step up on the sensor pad.

Step 2: Getting on the Board

Put one foot on the sensor pad. You can use this foot in order to move the board into an upright, flat, and rideable position. Put another foot on the board when you feel comfortable doing it. You can move like you are climbing up the stairs.

As this hoverboard is self-balancing, it’ll balance both of your feet. I recommend that you should steady yourself by using a wall, table or holding someone’s hand when riding.

Step 3: Move Your Hoverboard

Once you get a perfect balance, you can ride your hoverboard. I mean, who just wants to stand on it like a robot?

Now before moving, make yourself comfortable. Next, you have to do is shift your weight forward or backward. The sensor pad can detect your movement and moves in the direction where you want to move it.

I recommend that you should practice at home at first as you are just a beginner and not a smooth rider. It will take time to get a perfect ride.

Step 4: Turn the Hoverboard on

Don’t want to glide straight into a wall? Well for that you have to learn how to turn on your hoverboard. Trust me! That’s quite easy. What you have to do is ‘push-steering”. Just put the weight on to your left foot to turn left and keep weight on your right foot to turn right. It’s all about the pressure.

At first, practice slowly in order to turn. Once you get mastered, make the quick moves. Always keep your head up while turning Otherwise you may feel dizzy.


  1. Always charge the battery fully before you ride your hoverboard. You can charge it for 2 hours.
  2. Keep your board on flat ground while stepping up.
  3. Always get on and off the board by stepping up and down one foot at a time.
  4. Be careful about the fact that you have come to a complete stop before you step off the board.
  5. Careful about pedestrians, obstacles, and uneven grounds. Ignore the congested area you have not mastered the ride.
  6. Learn to ride your board in a safe place. They can be a garden area or a long-protected terrace in your home.
  7. Remember to keep the board away from water. You should keep it clean, dry, and free from debris.


  1. Never ride on the board irresponsibly or you may get injured.
  2. Do not attempt a repair at home as it will invalidate the board’s warranty.
  3. Avoid a third-party power supply to charge the battery.
  4. Never use the board on the hills or rough ground.

How to use the Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Make sure your device has Bluetooth turned on and it must be discoverable.
  2. Now switch on the Bluetooth hoverboard. Press and hold the silver button to turn it on.
  3. Finally, from your phone’s settings, connect to N30, which is the name of your hoverboard. You’re done now. Enjoy your ride.

IS Sisigad a good hoverboard?

Sisigad is quite good in terms of its power and performance. Its 6.5” wheels have the capability of carrying kids and adults of all ages. What also makes it a good model is its Bluetooth and Led lights.

How long does the Sisigad hoverboard last?

Well, generally a hoverboard lasts up to 3 to 4 years on average. I can say that Sisigad hoverboards are no exception to this. But it can last longer if you can use it in a perfect way. But you know? It is that sort of question which does not have a certain answer.

If you ask for the batteries, I can assure you that Sisigad Hoverboards deliver an excellent and impressive ride time of just 1 hour from the full charge of the batteries.

Does the Sisigad hoverboard have Bluetooth?

VOYAGER Hoverboard Air Wheel Offroad Electric
VOYAGER Hoverboard Air Wheel Offroad Electric

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Of Course! Sisigad Hoverboards do have Bluetooth, which is easily connectable to portable devices in seconds.

  1. Turn the Bluetooth on.
  2. Start the hoverboard.
  3. Find a corresponding device near you and click on connect.

All are set. Enjoy your day.


  1. Does a Sisigad Hoverboard work off-road?

Yes. It works. This device is more suitable for off-roads like indoors or paved ways where the surface is smooth. You can ride it when you are grass, gravel or dirt. But I never recommend you to do that. Sisigad have an off-road model for indoors like a long terrace in your home.

  1. What age is suitable for a Sisigad Hoverboard?

All ages above 5 years old are suitable for a Sisigad hoverboard. Children can use it under the supervision of their parents.

  1. Is a Sisigad Hoverboard safe?

They are quite safe as they have 6.5” wheels, an electronically tested battery, and many modern features. It is a UL2272 certified product also. But I suggest you that always supervise your kids when they ride on the Sisigad Hoverboard for their safety.

  1. Why does a Sisigad hoverboard beep red?

It’s because the battery is extremely low. It’s less than 5%. Make sure you don’t ride your hoverboard in this situation. Charge it.

  1. How fast can a Sisigad hoverboard go?

It can go with the speed of 14.5 k/h as it has 300-watt motors. Also, it enables the power of carrying 118 kg weight limit.

Ride on your hoverboard safely

Sisigad Hoverboards are now seen as vehicles. That means just like a car, or any other vehicle, you need a certain amount of responsibility while riding it. Read this article carefully and take all the safety measures. Good luck to you!


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