The Review you Have been Waiting for: Jetson strike Hoverboard

Hoverboards are a luxury that many of the people indulge in, why shouldn’t they? It is very good and it is very cool too. It makes you feel very comfortable and makes one feel cool too. So if you are thinking of buying a hoverboard, don’t worry, we are here to provide you with the best possibility when it comes to hoverboards.

Hoverboards are very easy to use but the more equipment they have the better they become. So we have chosen a better hoverboard for you which will give you the best of everything.\


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The hoverboard that we swear by is the Jetson Bluetooth hoverboard. As the name suggests the hoverboard has Bluetooth connection with it which makes it more accessible and cool but along with this what other feature makes us feel like it is the best? The price and the structure of the board is the reason why we are choosing it.

The specifications are very technical and require no problems while dealing with them. The mileage that it provides along with the specifications of the functionality of the board makes it different from the others. We will discuss each feature thoroughly for your convenience.

Battery life:

 The battery of the hoverboard made by jetson has the most durability. Almost all the batteries are HQ Lithium-ion Samsung batteries and we all know how good lithium-ion batteries are. This type of battery is generally used for an electronics device as it gives more longevity than ever. The energy that is ensued from the battery is more compared to another type of batteries and these batteries are safe and cost-effective too.

How long does it take to charge the hoverboard?

We all know lithium-ion batteries are made in a way that it will not take long to be fully charged. One of the specifications of using the lithium-ion battery is to make sure that it is safe and provides the user with a fast method of charging it. It doesn’t take much time to charge the hoverboard. It usually takes around one to two hours to fully charge it. After it, you can take it out for a spin.

Hoverboard weight limit:

 Each hoverboard has a weight limit. This limitation will ensure the safety of it. Jetson hoverboard targets other weight limits. But generally, the target limit varies from 200lb to 220lbs. Anything that will go above the line will be harmful to the board. Make sure that you buy the overboard according to your weight.

The unit weight of the hoverboard ranges around 25 lbs. Anything if ever goes overboard then it might become problematic so make sure that you do the measure up the weight and buy accordingly.

How much mileage does it cover?

The Jetson hoverboard covers around 15miles in one hour. But of course, this depends on the weight and the model of the hoverboard. How does it differ?

  • If more weight is pushed on the hoverboard then it might create a problematic effect as it will create a bit of resistance on the part. It could create a problem for the structure of the hoverboard. It might break and even cause a problem for the motherboard.
  • It creates pressure on the battery which will cause it to slow down. That is why if someone exceeding the weight limit rides it, then it may run slower than usual.

The structural integrity and the battery is most important when it comes to riding the hoverboard. So if any problem is created to those then it might not run to its full speed.

Can it climb?

Yes. Jetson rides a ready hoverboard arides is possible. Someone who hasn’t exceeded the level of weight limit can ride into slopes and even climb with the help of the hoverboard. It has to be fully charged though.

Other hoverboard specifications in the Jetson Hoverboard:

Another specification that is installed in the hoverboard is that of

  • Bluetooth
  • Speaker
  • LED light

Not every model has this but the maximum model has it. Bluetooth makes the motherboard more accessible and you can even control your motherboard by this while the speaker helps you talk or even listen to songs. It will keep you connected with others while driving it. The LED lights will make it look cool and help you see the way it will make the road clear.

How much does it cost?

jetson strike hoverboard

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It costs around $149.99. This hoverboard is very good as it comes in many colors. It will provide you with self ability quality. The wheels have LED light which will make it look good.

Other types of jetson hoverboard:

There are three types of jetson hoverboard available in the market. All of these hoverboards vary in features as many of them have different features and specialties. That is what sets the price of the hoverboard. The more features it offers the more pricey it will be.

  • Jetson X10 All-Terrain Hoverboard with Cosmic Light-Up Wheels. Jetson. : it costs around $229.99. It comes in two colors. You can purchase any of it. The wheels come with a LED light which not only makes it cool but makes it more accessible too. It will light the way literally. It has a self-balancing ability and stability makes it one of the good products.
  • Jetson JetKart Hoverboard Attachment. Jetson: it costs around $69.99. This is the lowest of all jets on hoverboards that are found in the market. But just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it is not good as it will provide you with the best of features needed to drive it. It is self-balancing, the battery gives longevity, it comes with an attachment so that you don’t fall. Good isn’t it?


This particular hoverboard will offer you with the optimum pleasure when you ride it as the thorough jetson strike hoverboard reviews are enough to set your mind. My overall pitch towards this hoverboard is that you should buy it as you won’t get good like this anywhere. Read this review to set your miette.


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