Hoverboard without Wheels

A hoverboard is a fascinating device. You can get that feeling of flying while balancing your body on the little creature. There are different types of hoverboard you can get for yourself. Either it is a Hoverboard with the wheel or an electric skateboard.

Hoverboard with no wheels implies to the electric skateboards. But will buying an electric skateboard be a smart buy for your pocket?

What are the things you need to keep in mind to buy the best hoverboard without wheels? Don’t worry, this article contains everything that you need to read before buying an electric skateboard from AMAZON.

Let’s see!


The exact term must be used for the device is self-balancing scooters. Yes!

And a self-balancing scooter or an electric skateboard is comprised of two technological concepts. The powerful fans used in it help the skateboard to rotate at a speed of 45,000 revolves per minutes.  A stabilizing mechanism is also put in.

The fans which are installed rotate very fast, and they blast down the air against the gravity of earth.

Here is a list of top 7 hoverboard without a wheel and which can be your next buy for sure.


Feel that bounce with the hoverboards

Many hoverboards work with wheels. In the meanwhile there are a few hoverboards too that work without wheels, using the theories of physics.

Here are the top 4 hoverboards that work without the wheel and that can be just perfect to you, if you want to have the experience of a real hoverboard.

Hendo Hoverboards

This hoverboard does the magic with its four disc-shaped hover engines. To lift and levitate the board from the ground, the motors provide an opposing magnetic field. The hoverboard is self-propelled, and the projected force alteration technique helps the hoverboard to move forward.

Hendo claims it to be the world’s first real hoverboard. In 2014 this hoverboard got its space in Times magazine’s top 25 inventions. A light, springy bounce can be felt as soon as you transfer your body weight on the Board.

The tech company Arx Pax created this beautiful hoverboard. The hoverboard satisfies the application of the Magnetic Field Architecture.

ArcaBoard Hoverboard

If you want to ride across any terrain or even on water, and if it was really impossible till now, then here is what you must have. Every time you ride the Arca board you get an exhilarating experience.

Like any other means of transportation, Arca board is a revolutionary one.

Now, if you have dreamt of flying and you remembered that you were not a bird, then this is just the wings for you.


Now anyone can fly anywhere and anytime with this hoverboard.

The machine is lifted by high power electric ducted fans, and there is a total of 36 fans in it. The maximum thrust taken by this machine is up to 430 lbs.

The hoverboard can be controlled and navigated by your phone only. The shape of the hoverboard is appropriate for everything that you need; stability, safety, and durability.


The hoverboard has 272 horsepower inside it. The 90% of the board is occupied by the fans and the batteries that supply enough power to the skateboard to work. The hoverboard also has an outstanding cooling system. It takes only one hour to charge the skateboard, and you can use it till the next 6 hours.  

The Lexus Hoverboard


Drool over a little bit of magic performed by the magnetic theory from physics. A hoverboard that is wholly relied on magnets and superconductors and resists the gravitational force to lift an object. This is absolutely the Lexus Hoverboard that’s being talked about.

The superconductors in the Lexus hoverboard creates a different kind of magnetic field. The Meissner effect for which when you take a superconductor and a magnetic field closer to each other, the superconductor gets induced by an electric current from the magnetic field.

For this hoverboard, no oscillating magnetic field was thus required as the current produced was stored and did not die.

There is liquid nitrogen to help the hoverboard to cool down. The nitrogen helps in warming up the hoverboard and thus stops it.

Omni Hoverboard

Now, this is what a real hoverboard should be like. A company which is wholly dedicated to creating propeller-based hoverboard. Omni is a Canadian company and also holds a Guinness book record.

If you call it a small helicopter you will not sound wrong. The only difference you will have is you have to stand on it instead of seating. The upward force that is needed to uplift any hoverboard is gained from the air for this hoverboard.

The air is pushed downward by the props, and an upward force is created on the rotors. The hoverboard can be moved up, down and side by side if you want to.

The modeling and the thrust of this hoverboard is way too similar to that of the modeling of a helicopter.


Let your soul fly and float with some eye-catching gadgets.

Apart from these hoverboards that work completely amazing even when there are no wheels in it, there are other hovering gadgets too. All of the devices have the power to resist the gravitational force, and you can own any or all of them.

Mars auto levitating speaker

There are two parts in this auto levitating speaker. The one is a base, and another is the speaker which levitates. The speaker is shaped as the UFO. The speaker gets levitated from the, and it lands very gently from where it belongs.

When the speaker runs a shortage of charging it starts to land to its base and is charged by a wireless charging mechanism. A 360-degree stereo sound system is made when the speaker is joined to its base. You can even recharge your phone through the USB ports it has, and the microphone technology gives a better call experience.

This is compatible with Android and iOS.

Levitating mouse


This is basically a new age computer input device. The design is made by a Russian scientist. This is a wireless levitating mouse and uses the magnetic plates for suspending the levitating mouse in midair. The mouse gives you better control, and also your pesky carpal tunnel syndrome is cured by this.

This revolutionary design uses magnetic plates, and the designer has the reputation of being able to bring ideas to life.  


Flyte hovering bulb

The Flyte LED bulbs are the latest trends for hovering in the air. The magnetic push does the work for its mechanism.

A wire circuit structure has been integrated within the glass made a bulb. The magnet which is attached in the lower end of this bulb works by the help of another magnet attached to the lower base. Both the magnets resist each other, and thus the bulb hovers in the midair.

The current is supplied from the base to the bulb through the method of inducing. You can control the bulb through the bottom. The bulb works absolutely well until 50,000 hours without changing it.


Hovering lamps

The use of levitating technology has been used in household goods as well. A Dutch company has introduced a table lamp that hangs. The company named CreaLev presented two lines of hovering table lamps.

The lamps work perfectly with magnet technology.


Hovering Earth Globe

We have seen earth globe in many places be it our home or our offices. The mechanism is simple, around something rotates along with the axis of the world. Now, how about a globe that hovers? Yes! It has been possible with the creation of the Hovering earth globe named Mr. Globe.

Where the traditional globes don’t allow you to spin it freely, the hovering world does. There is a LED light attached to it giving it a fresh look. It looks even better when it is turned on in the dark.

This can be a perfect buy and an ideal gift to anyone who is inaugurating their office.

Hovering Platform

The EZ float technology has created a hovering platform to give you the experience of your fantasy of levitating.

There is a hovering disc which can hold up to 13 OZ when in midair. There are two parts in the device: a base and a hovering drive.

The device is named as Levitron and is eye-catching in any celebration and parties. The hovering disc has a high power magnet in it.


Hovering chargers

There is a levitating charger named as “Lift” and is appropriate for charging smartwatches. The lamp in it turns on when the charger is placed over the device to charge.

The watch you will place to charge will float midair, and the charger provides an efficient way to charge the device while giving an exciting addition to your home.

Whoa! How exciting were all the devices? We know you can’t control your eagerness to grab them all. The best part of the tools we talked about is that all are available on Amazon. Yes! You can order them from Amazon or can be a proud owner of the devices.


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