The season of Christmas is knocking. Are you considering but unsure of what to present to your loved ones? A metallic hoverboard could be a surprising gift to give that precious individual who is either seeking to have fun or go some places. Allow me to guide you through the top 5 metallic hover board with guiding specifications which you can choose from without troubles.

To Five Metallic Hoverboard


Though just the youngest of the Swagtron hoverboard family, it remains the best and most purchased. If you are looking forward to surprising a first-time rider who is just thirsty for fun, this is what you are looking for.

There is quality; the price is affordable and reasonable. Swagtron T5 has a speed limit of 7mph, it can be driven at a 7 miles range and it has the capability of 15 degrees.

However, it is accommodating for riders with a maximum weight of 187ibs or around 90kg only.


With a futuristic aesthetic art, lasting aluminum chassis and 8.5 inches all terrain tires, Epikgo’s hover boards are the stars. It promises to take you to place others fear to tread.

The features of Epikgo Sports plus are absolute gyro technology for unlimited fun, stability, and speed, aggressive and rugged look, huge incline capability of 30, an inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, 12mph speed for 12 miles at one charge.

Meanwhile, it is not cheap. But if you are a class conscious individual, this is for you.

In case, you just want to boost your ego and feel among, this is one of the doses you need. Drive one!


Segway is a household name and it is experienced in the world of electronics and efficient energy use for electric vehicles. This is more than a toy instrument; it is for the gentle and mature minds. Beyond just fun, it offers a self-balancing transport because it is big, spacious, fast, durable and safe even when driving on rocky landscapes.

Its features are: 10.5-inch air inflated wheel, a speed limit of 10mph, 19miles drive before recharging, brake lights, turn signals, headlight, a parking brake and so on.

Also, it has an extension in form of handle which makes it possible to be pulled like a suit. It is your money purchasing value, there is no regret because there is value in what you are paying for.

InMotion MoHawk Prime R6

Based on Amazon’s top 5 hover boards during the 2016 Black Friday, it is one of the safest and self-balancing scooters. Based on price and quality, there is no inconvenience; it also offers great performance and impressive duration.

However, it has just a maximum speed limit of 7mph with a good mile range.


Do you want a memorable driving experience? Hoverzon XLS is one in the family of Hoverzon Metallic hoverboard worth the price.

Besides the quality it offers, it has been built in line with the safety regulation guidelines with fireproof in the external casing and sensor control pedals. Its features are: 5 levels LED battery indicator, mobility indicator, double independent motor, gear stabilizer, good battery management, carriage straps, inbuilt Bluetooth speaker, spatial foot pads, maximum speed of 8mph, and 12 miles driving range.

The hoverboards have not been chosen randomly for its name sake. The prices equate the qualities; they are impressive, comfortable, well balanced, durable and adaptable to environments.

The parameters upon which this submission is based is substantial and carefully researched based on their safety precautions, convenience, speed limit and range, specifications, durability, aesthetic design, customer recommendations and users’ opinion, best-selling position, UL2272 Certification, additional features, proximity, and availability.

All you have to do is choose the one that aligns with your purse and has fun all the way.

jane Author