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cheapest hoverboard

The current generation is a tech savvy crop wherein there’s hardly any youth or teenager who doesn’t have the gadgets craze. One similar craze which engulfed almost all the kids above 10 years old few years ago was the self-balancing scooter famously called the hoverboard. So here is the best review for The cheapest hoverboard.

It is a major holiday hit amongst youngsters who are seen practicing stunts on this self-moving device.

This device was invented by Shane Chen in the year 2013, but he did not get many sales out of it. Thereafter, after a series of re-inventions, this device saw much recognition at the Canton Fair in China in 2014, following which many Chinese companies started manufacturing it. Though the device doesn’t hover, they gained quite popularity world-wide. They are also called self-balancing electric scooters.

In this wheeled device, the rider is exposed and hence is recommended to wear safety gears while riding it. An average hover board has 6.5 inches diameter wheels connected to a self-balancing control mechanism. There is a built in gyroscopic and a sensor pad. All the hover boards are manufactured using this mechanism.

The cheapest hoverboard

Many companies started manufacturing the device with better quality parts which would pass inspection. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, one should buy only the hover boards certified by UL.

The cheapest hoverboard are available online at, and many such online portals. Retailers and shop-keepers also sell hover boards in varied designs, colors and features. You can even source hover board skins if you want to change the appearance of your hover board. Battery, cords, skins, wheels and almost all the parts of the hover board are available separately in case you need to replace.

There are dozens of brands of hover boards which have flooded the market and to select one from them gets a tad too confusing. People often search for the cheapest hoverboard so that they don’t burn a hole in their pockets. But it’s better to read the buying guide before making the plunge.

The Swagtron T1

Hover boards range starts from $154 onwards. You may have to compromise with the battery quality, safety measures, Bluetooth connectivity and lighting as the price goes down. The cheapest hoverboard is just a basic hover board with no added features.

The Swagtron T1 is rated as one of the best and the cheapest hoverboard. It has a speed of 12 mph and a battery life of one hour. It’s the first of its kind to handle more than 250 pounds. Its rugged tires make it perfect for riding on rough terrains also. It has Bluetooth connectivity and speakers as added features and the compatible mobile app can be used for checking the battery life and the speed of the board. Its dust proof design and water-resistant body enables one to ride it everywhere.


One should consider strict safety rules before buying a hoverboard. They are not meant for kids. But if a ride does thrill you then you can consider buying a hoverboard and enjoy riding on this self-balancing electric scooter.

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