In the sphere of battery and efficient energy use for electric vehicles, Segway Inc. is a force to reckon with. The company has made a lot of contributions in the areas of motors, microprocessors controllers and Segway battery such as Lithium ion battery packs. These battery packs are characterized by superb performance, lasting duration, easy […]

bluetooth hoverboard for sale


Hoverboard is the hottest gift in the market. The new features in this industry keep on making this product enticing and worth buy. The self-balancing scooters are really cool and eco-friendly too! Here we have a bluetooth hoverboard for sale. If you are brave enough to try grabbing one of these elusive people-movers, then you […]

hoverboard weight limit

Weight Limit for a Hoverboard!

Hoverboards are the new cool and to be able to enjoy the uber cool vehicles of this generation. There is something that must be kept in mind before jumping on the self-balancing scooters and taking them for a ride. Yes, the hoverboard weight limit. Even as the market is now brimming with products from new […]