Phunkeeduck Hoverboard Reviews

Phunkeeduck Hoverboard Reviews

If you want to have the sheer dose of Funk in your life, which makes you feel rejuvenated, you need a Phunkeeduck hoverboard in your life. We know that how walking from one point to another can bore you. Thus, for whom who want to add some spice to their day to day movement, we have some better option rather than walking or jogging.

You can prefer having Segway, but when you have enough space to use. If you have some limited space at your home, be sure that the weighing device will not allow you to slide correctly. 


It is not that you own something from Mars or the Jupiter. It is even not that you have seen your favorite celebrities to slide with this hoverboard. But you will be cheered up to know that Phunkeeduck is among the original brands of hoverboard that drive the world. Kendell Jenner, Chris Brown, Jimmy Kimmel are few of the celebrities who have uploaded their videos with their cool self-balancing scooter. 

The paparazzi also have covered the beauty and funkiness of the device in many of their medic coverages in NY Times, USA Today and even in Forbes. 

Phunkeeduck Hoverboard Reviews – funky duck scooters

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But what is so special about the funky duck scooters? 


Ask me what is not funky in this device. The sleek design is so immense that it can attract and capture your mind instantly. It is a hoverboard with 7” wheels. The Gyro sensors installed within this hoverboard can sense your motion and also the direction you would like to prefer while riding this. What you need to do is, just step on the Phunkeeduck hoverboard with both your feet and lean your body towards the direction you want to go, and Voila! 


The maximum speed of the hoverboard is 12 mph, but you can’t expect the same speed from the very first day. That is because you need to have a particular state of mastery to ride to this hoverboard before you opt for getting the highest speed. It is equipped with a 36V Lithium-Ion Battery.


The weight capacity of this hoverboard is pretty good. It can bear up to 300 lbs. which is even higher than most of the branded hoverboards available. If you want to have a continuous ride with the cool device you need to charge it completely. It takes 2 to 3 hours for getting charged fully you can enjoy up to 10 miles of uninterrupted fun or say 6 to 7 hours of the same. 


The colors of the Phunkeeduck hoverboard will woo you, and I can bet the fact. It has many colors for you to offer. Orange, Pink, titanium, Blue, Red, Black, White and yellow are the colors in which this device is available. 

Funky Duck Scooters


I don’t know how often do you prefer to read reviews before buying something you love or which is expensive. That is even a better choice to know either whatever you are buying is worth the price and if the manufacturing companies are making the right promises. Promises must be kept, and Phunkeeduck will not disappoint you that is I am sure about. 

Would you like to know how the users of Phunkeeduck have reviewed the hoverboard? Have a look at Phunkeeduck Review:

IT TAKES VERSATILITY TO THE MAX: Yes, that is what they said about it. With the pneumatic tires, the Phunkeeduck hoverboard can take you to wherever you want to go through whichever terrain you prefer. The tires are very comfortable working on any ground. The wheels of this hoverboard are dust and waterproof. Thus, they can help you to ride even on those roads, which are a bit muddy. 

The hoverboard doesn’t skid on the carpet or even on smooth terrain. 

A SIGHT TO BEHOLD: This baby device will make heads turned towards you, don’t keep any doubt inside. Who doesn’t want to get noticed? Phunkeeduck is that good reason which will cause people to look at you again and again while riding this. There is also a chance that you will fall in love with the device in first sight. The sleek look of the device makes the rider look stylish and make the viewers stay glued to the view.

EASY TO LEARN WITH PRACTICE: But there is something more you need to know if you are a newbie in riding a hoverboard. It is a self-balancing scooter, and you need to take care of your balance by yourself. Most of the users who used their very first hand in Phunkeeduck hoverboard, reviewed it to be very easy to learn. But again, if you want to have the maximum speed with this device, you need some more practice. 

SMART BALANCING CAPABILITIES: We know that you felt a bit overconfident or less confident after reading the last review. But let me tell you that there are more good things to know about this scooter. The scooter balances itself and the rider. The Gyro sensor of the hoverboard can determine the weight and the balance of the rider once you step on it. It will not move until you place forward pressure on the footpads. Which is way better than going for a roller coaster ride without knowing what is waiting next for you. 

HATS OFF TO THE ONE YEAR WARRANTY: Whether you are a new rider or a pro, simple wears and tears are part and parcel of life. Thus, you bother about affecting your hoverboard. When you are too emotional with your hoverboard, you might feel like saving it with all your life. But that is not required much. The manufacturing company provides a one-year warranty along with each hoverboard. Phunky duck Segway is one of the most searched hoverboards for its features.

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THE FINAL VERDICT: Whether to buy or not, everything is in your own hand. If you can afford a beauty costing around $1500, then we will say that it is worth to go for. With Phunkeeduck hoverboard, you have nothing to lose but unlimited fun and mobility to gain. Despite the quirky and weird name, it has, it is the one most of your favorite celebrities have. It can be out of stock in Amazon for a few weeks, but stay tuned and don’t miss your booking when it gets restocked once again.


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