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1. Hoverboard Price

Hoverboard Price


2. What Is a Hoverboard and How Do They Work?

What Is a Hoverboard and How Do They Work?


3. Hoverboard Carrying case

Hoverboard Carrying case


4. How it Works

Hover your plate is more than two runs, easy to use, very durable and faster. In addition, it is just awesome to ride. You've seen them ride and glide Celebrity Videos man in the street.


5. Hoverboard through any College Campus

Hoverboard through any College Campus


6. Up, Active and Outside with a Hoverboard

Let your kids off the couch and go outside and hope. In the electronic age, it is difficult to make them look from a tablet or game over twelve minutes. So playing cool electronics and cool.


7. Shoot Awesome Videos with a 2-Wheel HoverBoard

Shoot Awesome Videos with a 2-Wheel HoverBoard


8. Hoverboard Battery Safety

Hoverboard battery safety testing is complete


9. Hoverboard wheel size: What hoverboard wheel size do I need?

Hoverboard wheel size: What hoverboard wheel size do I need?


10. Hoverboard maximum weight: Am I too heavy to use a hoverboard?

Hoverboard maximum weight: Am I too heavy to use a hoverboard?



The hoverboardfans.com hoverboard is easy to take up.The two wheel self banlancing scooter usually takes 3-5 minutes on average to use it comfortably.It's easy to learn how to go anywhere with hands-blance control and it has two models to suit to all types of users.It couldn't get any simpler than that!


1. On the smooth pavement,avoid water
2.Recommended Age 14 and up. Children use must be under adult supervision
3.Please read the instructions carefully!



Our Superiority

hoverboardfans.com is a new and official specialized hoverboard site.It has US STOCK which suppott 2-5 Days Delivery,it has Safety Certificate and Zero Complaint Rate!Besides,hoverboardfans.com have US After-sales Service Sites to guarantee our service for customers. hoverboardfans.com focus on selling fashion & comfortable Hoverboards,two wheel self balancing scooter,which suit for adults as well as kids.

hoverboardfans.com is an specialize and official site.Perfect for urban commutes:the eco-friendly hoverboardfans.com is a great alternative to taking bus.It moves up to 10 miles per hour,and one charge will last for over ten miles,Order your hoverboard online and get moving!enjoy the best service and good products from hoverboardfans.com.hoverboardfans.com will strive to make our products to fit the millions of personal transportation needs around the globe!


1.How do I know it is safe to shop with you?
hoverboardfans.com takes great pride in offering a safe and secure online shopping experience.We also respect your privacy and we're committed to protecting it.

2.How long should I charge my hoverboardfans.com for?
Charge time is 2-3 hours.Please DO NOT leave charged overnight as could results in damage to the charger or unit.

3.How are warranties handled?
Warranty servicing is handled by our warranty team in the U.S. Please email support@hoverboardfans.com to redeem your warranty. If any item arrives damaged due to shipping, immediately contact the carrier. Keep all shipping materials and contact us immediately.

4. Why don't I receive an order confirmation email after my Paypal payment is completed?
We send confirmation email to your primary PayPal email address, or the e-mail address you have specified if you used the "PayPal Express Checkout" method. In rare circumstances, a technical bug confirmed by PayPal can get in the way. If you do not receive any information at all, and your order does not appear in your Paypal account, please contact us and send us your order details.

5. How do I change the shipping address or cancel my order?
Please contact Customer service immediately (support@hoverboardfans.com) if you need to change the shipping address or cancel your order. Please be advised that some orders are shipped very soon after placement and it will not always be possible to make changes to the shipping address and/or cancel the order.


Thanks for choosing us “hoverboardfans Store”,we can guarantee all our products had been strictly inspected before we shipped out. And we also had approved the amazon brand registry. We also have the product certification from relevant institution,we are also glad to offer this if you need. So you can be assured with the quality. And we are so glad to have the chance to offer you the guarantees on your transactions:

1.We guarantees 1-year warranty of purchase for all our customers,with free replacement Product or repair service.

2.We guarantees free reshipment for exchange directly from LA,United States Warehouse,which the delivery time is only 2-5 days.

3.If Product is determined to be defective after delivered, please email us directly from our store at any time,we will do best to offer you timely returns or refund service.

If you have any other questions,please contact us directly. Wish you enjoy our service and products.